Heart Centered Care

Heart Centered Care

Elemental Energy is committed to orchestrating comprehensive root cause healing for animals, delving into the intricacies of Meridian and Circadian systems. Employing cutting-edge techniques such as Light (utilizing photobiomodulation), water therapy, and specialized nutritional interventions, my mission is to restore the body's equilibrium and guide it towards homeostasis from within.



It's important to note that the tools and technology employed to educate and assess symptoms in animals are not intended to replace veterinary care for diagnostic purposes.

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Living Water

Used in the facilitation of rapid cellular hydration & detox internally and externally used for skin, coat and wounds.

Tools of the Elements

Living, Structured water can be found naturally in only "Blue Zones" in the world, that occur naturally. Primary qualities of these waters are:

Alkalization - a state that occurs through a full spectrum of minerals that are naturally present in the water.

MicroClustered - using the ionization process it becomes smaller, meaning 4-5 molecules per cluster allow the body to hydrate 6 X greater than any other water.

Hydrogen & Electrical Charge - Living water contains free molecular hydrogen and a negative electric charge creating the most powerful antioxidant in the world equivalent to eating 5 lbs of blueberries.

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Phototherapy, also called light therapy or photobiomodulation, works by using a mechanism to reflect or shine light into the body to stimulate cellular activity.

Photobiomodulation is the transfer of light into the body using colored lights along with heat of the body to reflect light frequency that activate Copper Peptides that turn on the body's own stem cells.

Used on the meridians, in the first 24 hours, will reactivate over 3500+ stem cells, which are the only cells in the body that can change into whatever cell is needed for repair and a younger, healthier state.

Welcome, I am Jill Marie, a regenerative health & wellness specialist working holistically & through eastern medicine and the rhythm of the body, to intimately affect root cause imbalances including chronic pain & inflammation.

If you're seeking optimal results for your animal, you've come to the right place. I firmly believe that we are protectors our animals who love us unconditionally.

My mission is to provide heart centered care for your animals holistically, just as I have done for my own. I aim to educate and promote healing through light, energy, food therapy, massage and living water, creating an environment of homeostasis within the body.

Jill Marie/Regenerative Health Specialist

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Meet Some Clients

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Rescued this girl from under our house in the coldest part of the winter and got her back to health and a new home.


Autoimmune disease leaving the nerves disconnected and a hard lump on her back and using the patches for 12 weeks, the nerves are reconnected and lump is supple and getting smaller.

Ben the beagle

Baseball Size Lipomas are now the size of a small strawberry...they just keep going down...


"Bug came with anxiety and was spooked easily...He is now calm, friendly and actually plays."

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how to connect

☑️ Book a 15 minute Consult to assess your animals symptoms whether acute or chronic.

☑️ Fill out and return the assessments, which help determine your pet's energetic/physical imbalance in the energy centers...including daily intake of food, what and when they eat, toxicities, stressors, oxidation & generational trauma energetically stored in the body.

☑️ Book a 20 minute Energetics Massage for your pup using light, water & energetics to release energies, emotions, thoughts and feelings from the fascia, skin and coat supporting them with all of the energies they take on generationally and supporting their familes.

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Daily Food Intake

Hazardous or Toxic Symbol


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Nutritional Survey & Organ distress

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Mailing Address

Louisiana, MO 63353

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Muscle Testing for Beginners 101

Join me for a beginner-friendly Muscle Testing class tailored specifically for animal owners and enthusiasts! In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of muscle testing techniques and how to apply them to assess the health and wellness of your beloved animal companions.

Our experienced instructor will guide you through the following key topics:

1. Understanding the Basics: Discover the principles behind muscle testing and how it can be used as a non-invasive tool to identify imbalances and promote well-being in animals.

2. Hands-on Practice: Get hands-on experience with guided exercises designed to help you develop your muscle testing skills in a supportive environment.

3. Techniques for Animal Testing: Learn specialized techniques for effectively muscle testing animals, including dogs, cats, horses, and other common pets.

4. Interpreting Results: Gain insights into interpreting muscle testing results and understanding what they may indicate about your animal’s health and potential areas for improvement.

5. Practical Applications: Explore practical applications of muscle testing in everyday animal care, from identifying nutritional needs to evaluating the effectiveness of holistic therapies.

Whether you’re a pet owner, animal care professional, or simply curious about alternative approaches to animal wellness, this Muscle Testing class offers valuable knowledge and hands-on experience to help you better support the health and happiness of your furry, feathered, or scaled friends. Join us and empower yourself to become a more proactive advocate for your animal’s well-being!

Streamed online and if local, come join me for some hands on training...

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